4.3 Feature types

To specify a type hierarchy for a feature, you must first create an XML file comprising the hierarchy definition. The concept of feature types and its XML representation is described in section 8, chapter III. After creating the XML file, you have to register it. Please select the Types tab in the corpus properties window (cf. screenshot above). Now select the feature and type in the path to your file (absolute or relative to the corpus path). In the example, a relative link to the file tigerstts.xml in the corpus directory is specified:

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Figure: Specifying feature types

If there are any problems loading a type hierarchy in the TIGERSearch tool (e.g. if there is a feature value in the corpus that is not used in the hierarchy, or if there is a feature value used in the hierarchy that is unknown to the corpus), all warnings are collected and can be inspected within the TIGERSearch corpus documentation tab (cf. subsection 2.2, chapter IV).