I get the following message: "SIOD ERROR: unbound variable: mark-string-match". How can I fix it?

Add the line

ALSO_INCLUDE += ims_german_text

to the end of festival/config/config. Be aware that executing 'configure'(Festival 1.95+) will overwrite the config/config file with config/ is a good idea to additionally add the line there, but only config/config willbe checked at compile time.


I get the following message:

SIOD ERROR: not a symbol or string : #<CLOSURE (utt) (begin "(MBROLA_Synth UTT)
   Synthesize using MBROLA as external module.  Basically dump the info
   from this utterance. Call MBROLA and reload the waveform into utt.
   [see MBROLA]" (let ((filename (make_tmp_filename))) (save_segments_mbrola utt filename) (system (string-append mbrola_progname " " mbrola_database " " filename " " filename ".au")) (utt.import.wave utt (string-append filename ".au")) (delete-file filename) (delete-file (string-append filename ".au")) utt))>

To fix this, please exchange this file in festival/lib/german/: ims_german_voices_opensource.scm, or download the patch ims_german_1.3-os.fix.tgz provided on the download page.