Dr. Jagoda Bruni

Misses  Dr.
Jagoda Bruni (née Sieczkowska)
IMS Researcher, SFB 732 Graduate School Coordinator (maternal leave)

Jagoda Bruni (née Sieczkowska)
Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung
Pfaffenwaldring 5b
70569 Stuttgart

Since 01.07.18 I am not anymore working at the University of Stuttgart.

Contact under:

  • Acoustic & articulatory phonetics
  • Models of speech production
  • Various methods in voicing investigation (EMA, Rotheberg Mask)
  • Phonetic simulations
  • Voice training




WS 2008 - 2011        

  • Introduction to phonetics and phonology (together with Prof. G. Dogil)

WS 2012/13

  • Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung Projekt Seminar (Phonetik), together with Dr. N. Lewandowski
  • Topics in Laboratory Phonology


WS 2013/14

  • Labolatory Phonology

WS 2014/15

  • Labolatory Phonology


WS 2015/16

  • (new) Labolatory Phonology together with Prof. G. Dogil & Prof. J. Roux


WS 2016/17

  • Labolatory Phonology






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Duran, Danial, Bruni, Jagoda, Dogil, Grzegorz, Roux, Justus (2017) The Social Life of Setswana Ejectives. Proc. Interspeech 2017, 3787-3791, DOI: 10.21437/Interspeech.2017-922.

Jagoda Bruni und Daniel Duran: Language change and dynamics - example of Tswana. Angenommen bei: Abstraction, Diversity, and Speech Dynamics. Herrsching am Ammersee, Mai 2017.

Daniel Duran, Natalie Lewandowski, Jagoda Bruni und Antje Schweitzer: Akustische Korrelate wahrgenommener Persönlichkeitsmerkmale und Stimmattraktivität. Angenommen bei: 28th Conference on Electronic Speech Signal Processing (ESSV), Saarbrücken, März 2017.

Jagoda Bruni, Daniel Duran und Grzegorz Dogil: Simulating Language Change in Tswana. Angenommen bei: Postersession Computerlinguistik der 39. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft, Saarbrücken, März 2017.


Grzegorz Dogil, Jagoda Bruni, Daniel Duran, Justus Roux und Andries Coetzee: Social dynamics and phonological strength: Post-nasal devoicing in Tswana. Presentation at  LabPhon 15.

Jagoda Bruni, Daniel Duran und Grzegorz Dogil: Usage-based phonology and simulations as means to investigate unintuitive voicing behavior. Proceedings of the Annual Meetings on Phonology, Vol. 2, 2016. DOI:

Daniel Duran, Jagoda Bruni, Justus Roux und Grzegorz Dogil: Simulation as a mean to investigate phonological evolution of Tswana. Präsentation bei Bantu 6.


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Jagoda Bruni, Daniel Duran und Grzegorz Dogil: Usage-based phonology and simulations as means to investigate unintuitive voicing behavior. Vortrag bei: Annual Meeting on Phonology 2014 at MIT. Cambridge, MA.
Abstract [PDF]


Michael Walsh, Daniel Duran und Jagoda Bruni: Exemplar-based categorisation of vowels using acoustic and articulatory data. Phonetik & Phonologie 9 -- Book of Abstracts, S.96, 2013, Zürich.

Daniel, Duran; Jagoda, Bruni; Dogil, Grzegorz: Correlation between acoustic and articulatoryinformation as factors coexisting in the Context Sequence Model of speechproduction. Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (POMA), 2013 Vol. 19, pp. 060091. ICA 2013 Montreal. [DOI: 10.1121/1.4799009]

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T. Kuczmarski, D. Duran, N. Kordek, J. Bruni (2013): "Second-degree polynominal model of Mandarin Chinese Lexical Tone F0 Contours". In Petra Wagner (Hrsg.): Studientexte zur Sprachkommunikation. Band 65, s.218-222.



Daniel, Duran; Jagoda, Bruni; Dogil, Grzegorz: Specification in context - incorporation of an articulatory factor into the Context Sequence Model. Presenten at the 43rd PLM conference.

Duran, Daniel; Bruni, Jagoda; Michael, Walsh; Hinrich, Schütze; Grzegorz, Dogil: Phonological constraints verified by a rich memory exemplar model: extrametricality and articulatory binding in Polish obstruent-sonorant rhymes. Book of abstracts of the 13th Conference of Laboratory Phonology, Stuttgart, Germany, July 27-29, 2012.


Bruni, Jagoda: Sonorant voicing specification in phonetic, phonological and articulatory context. Doctoral dissertation, Universität Stuttgart.

Daniel Duran, Jagoda Bruni, Hinrich Schütze und Grzegorz Dogil: Using unlabeled EMA data in a speech production model with a rich memory. Presentation at the 7. Tagung zu Phonetik und Phonologie im deutschsprachigen Raum (P&P 7), Oktober 2011, Osnabrück. Abstract [PDF]

Duran, Daniel; Bruni, Jagoda; Dogil, Grzegorz; Schütze, Hinrich: Speech events are recoverable from unlabeled articulatory data: Using an unsupervised clustering approach on data obtained from Electromagnetic Midsaggital Articulography (EMA) in Interspeech Conference Proceedings pp. 2201-2204.

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Möcke, Doris; Sieczkowska, Jagoda; Niemann, Henrik; Grice, Martine; Dogil, Grzegorz: Sonortity Profiles, Gestural coordination and Phonological Licensing– Obstruent-Sonorant clusters in Polish: poster presentation at 12th LabPhon Conference, Albuqueruqe, New Mexico.

Sieczkowska, Jagoda; Dogil, Grzegorz: Voicing profile of sonorants in consonant clusters: a case of Polish, German and American English: presented at GLOW XXXVIII, Poland

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Sieczkowska, Jagoda; Möbius, Bernd; Schweitzer, Antje; Walsh, Michael; Dogil, Grzegorz: Voicing profile of Polish consonants: [r] in obstruent clusters in Proceedings of Interspeech 2009 (Brighton) pp. 2319-2322

Curriculum Vitae

    2008 - 2011

    Universität Stuttgart - PhD


    Sokrates-Erasmus Scholarship: Universität Stuttgart


    Adam Mickiewicz Universität - MA