Dr. Alexander M. Fraser


IMPORTANT: this web page will no longer be updated - please see my new web page here

Senior Researcher
University of Stuttgart
School of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Institute for Natural Language Processing (IMS)
Statistical Natural Language Processing Group
Pfaffenwaldring 5b
D-70569 Stuttgart, Germany
tel.: +49 711 685-81375
fax: +49 711 685-81366
web: /fak5/ims/~fraser

Finding my office at the Institute for NLP (IMS)


  • I have moved to the Center for Information and Language Processing at the University of Munich (LMU München). This web page will no longer be updated - please see my new web page here

  • The second phase of the Morphosyntax for SMT project has been approved by the DFG!

  • I will give a keynote talk at TALN 2013 on translating to morphologically richer languages

  • Our Dagstuhl Seminar on Statistical Techniques for Translating to Morphologically Rich Languages has been accepted, which is great news for the Morphosyntax for SMT project. The organizers are Alexander Fraser, Kevin Knight, Philipp Koehn, Helmut Schmid, and Hans Uszkoreit. The seminar will take place in February 2014. 60 top researchers will be invited to have free-ranging discussions of how to move forward on this important problem. (For more information on Dagstuhl Seminars, click here)

  • I will serve as a tutorials chair at ACL 2014 in Baltimore, looking forward to your applications.

  • Congratulations to Hassan Sajjad for passing his defense! His topic: Statistical Models for Unsupervised, Semi-supervised and Supervised Transliteration Mining. He has also accepted a position with Stephan Vogel and Preslav Nakov at the Qatar Computing Research Institute.

  • I was an organizer of the Johns Hopkins Summer Workshop on Domain Adaptation for Machine Translation. This involved 6 weeks of intensive work on taking advantage of out-of-domain data in translation, conducted by 13 researchers on location at the Center for Language and Speech Processing at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

  • Paper accepted to Computational Linguistics Journal: Knowledge Sources for Constituent Parsing of German, a Morphologically Rich and Less-Configurational Language, by Alexander Fraser, Helmut Schmid, Richard Farkas, Renjing Wang, Hinrich Schuetze (abstract   preprint)

  • I taught Statistical Machine Translation at the Summer School in Advanced Language Engineering at Kathmandu University in Nepal in September 2012. This was supported by a DAAD grant. We had participants from Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka (participants from Bangladesh and Bhutan were also invited, but were unable to attend).


Publications and Research Interests

Models of Morphosyntax for Statistical Machine Translation (DFG Project)

TTC - Terminology Extraction, Translation Tools and Comparable Corpora (EU FP7 Project)

Statistical Natural Language Processing Group

Statistical Machine Translation (and Parsing) Reading Group


Statistical Machine Translation (Winter Semester 2011-2012, Fraser and Maletti)

Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing (Winter Semester 2010-2011, Fraser, Riezler, Schuetze)

Statistical Machine Translation (Summer Semester 2010, Fraser and Schmid)

Data-driven and Hybrid Approaches to Machine Translation (5th DGfS-CL Fall School in Konstanz, 2009, Forst and Fraser)

Parsing and Machine Translation (Summer Semester 2009, Fraser and Schmid)

Statistical Machine Translation (9th Summer School of the European Masters in Language and Speech Technology, 2008, Fraser)


Ph.D. Students

Fabienne Braune, 10/2009-

Fabienne Cap (nee Fritzinger), 10/2009-

Nadir Durrani, 04/2008-11/2012, A Joint Translation Model With Integrated Reordering

Anita Ramm (nee Gojun)

Hassan Sajjad (2nd advisor), 04/2008-10/2012, Statistical Models for Unsupervised, Semi-supervised and Supervised Transliteration Mining

Marion Weller (2nd advisor), 12/2011-

Masters Students

Fabienne Braune (U. Freiburg, Switzerland), Masters in Computer Science, Analysing and Improving Unsupervised Sentence Alignment, completed 09/2009

Fabienne Fritzinger, Diplom in Computational Linguisics, Extracting Multiword Expressions from Parallel Text, completed 08/2008

Anita Gojun, Diplom in Computational Linguistics, Null Subjects in Statistical Machine Translation: A Case Study on Aligning English and Italian Verb Phrases with Pronominal Subjects, completed 08/2010

Renjing Wang, Diplom in Computer Science, Self-Training for German Parsing, completed 09/2011

Marion Weller, Diplom in Computational Linguistics, An Empirical Analysis of Source Context Features for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation, completed 08/2010

Bachelors Students

Ronny Jauch, Studienarbeit in Computational Linguistics, Umordnung von quellsprachlichen Sätzen in die Satzstruktur der Zielsprache (Reordering of Source-Language Sentences into the Ordering of the Target Language), completed 08/2011

Renjing Wang, Studienarbeit in Computer Science, Parsing Bitext, completed 05/2009

Marion Weller, Studienarbeit in Computational Linguistics, Separate Morphologiebehandlung als Methode zur Verbesserung statistischer maschineller Übersetzung (Separate Morphological Processing as a Method for Improving Statistical Machine Translation), completed 05/2009

Information for New Students

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