The published version had two mistakes:
1) In Section 3 – Generative Story, second last paragraph (Jump Forward) states: 

“It is performed if some already generated German word is between the previously

generated word and the word to be generated next. A Jump Back (W) operation is only

allowed at position Z. Therefore, if j ≠ Z, a Jump Forward operation has to be

performed prior to a Jump Back operation.”

This is not true according to the version of Algorithm 1 given in the paper. A Jump Back (W) 
operation can execute from any position. A Jump Forward operation executes if j < j’ i.e. 
the next source word to be covered is at the right of previously covered source word and
is not immediately following previously covered source word and j ≠ Z (index after
right-most source word so far covered).
2) In Algorithm 1 after “Jump Forward” a statement (j: = Z) is missing.
����������� Jump Forward
����������� Jump Forward
���� j:= Z
These mistakes have been corrected in the version available on my webpage.
The fixed version is available here.