Course Syllabus (updated)

From time to time, I might implement some of the course ideas, or put code in the slides -- most often in python or a functional language like Lisp or Haskell. 

Please write to if you find any mistakes or errors in the slides  -- This is my first time teaching this material, so a lot of the presentation is still rough. 


Lecture 1 (7/4/2016):  Course Overview

Lecture 2 (14/4/2016): Mixing Compositional and Statistical Semantics (python, clojure)

Lecture 3  (21/4/2016):  Learning Transformation Rules

Lecture 4  (21/4/2016):  Semantic Parsing and Machine Translation

Lecture 5 (12/5/2015): Semantics Parsing, CCGs, and Structured Classification 

Lecture 6 (7/7/2016): Learning from Denotations and Entailments