Lukas Michelbacher

Lukas Michelbacher, Ph.D. candidate

Statistical Natural Language Processing Group
Institute for Natural Language Processing (IMS)
University of Stuttgart
Pfaffenwaldring 5b
70569 Stuttgart
room 02.023
+49 (0) 711-685-84587
+49 (0) 711-685-81366
lukas.michelbacher AT



semantic head recognition (multi-word units, distributional semantics and non-compositionality)

  • Lukas Michelbacher, Alok Kothari, Martin Forst, Christian Lioma and Hinrich Schütze (2011). A Cascaded Classification Approach to Semantic Head Recognition. EMNLP. pdf | bibtex

asymmetric association measures

  • Lukas Michelbacher, Stefan Evert and Hinrich Schütze (2011). Asymmetry in Corpus-Derived and Human Word Associations. Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory. pdf | bibtex | pre-publication pdf | web appendix
  • Lukas Michelbacher, Stefan Evert and Hinrich Schütze (2007). Asymmetric Association Measures. RANLP. pdf | bibtex

graph-based NLP

  • Florian Laws, Lukas Michelbacher, Beate Dorow, Christian Scheible, Ulrich Heid and Hinrich Schütze (2010). A Linguistically Grounded Graph Model for Bilingual Lexicon Extraction. COLING. pdf | bibtex
  • Christian Scheible, Florian Laws, Lukas Michelbacher and Hinrich Schütze (2010). Sentiment Translation through Multi-Edge Graphs. COLING. pdf | bibtex
  • Lukas Michelbacher, Florian Laws, Beate Dorow, Ulrich Heid and Hinrich Schütze (2010). Building a Cross-lingual Relatedness Thesaurus using a Graph Similarity Measure.
    LREC. pdf and bibtex
  • Beate Dorow, Florian Laws, Lukas Michelbacher, Christian Scheible and Jason Utt (2009). A Graph-Theoretic Algorithm for Automatic Extension of Translation Lexicons.
    In GEMS Workshop (EACL). pdf | bibtex

Professional Activities