Gregor Möhler

Research Interests

Between August 1994 and October 2001 I was a member of the Experimental Phonetics group at the Institute of the Institute of Natural Language Processing (IMS), University of Stuttgart. My main research interest is speech synthesis. I am responsible for the development of the IMS German Festival system, a complete Text-to-speech system based on Festival technology. In my dissertation I worked on prosodic aspects of speech synthesis including a trainable parametric model of intonation prediction. Until 2001 I was coordinating the speech output module within the SmartKom project, a German government founded project dealing with multimodal human-machine interaction.

(1999-2003): speech output module (concept-to-speech & text-to-speech) 

IMS German Festival (1996 ongoing): Development a complete German Text-to-speech system 
open source version)

Linguistic Modeling in speech prosody (1999-2001): DFG project

Parametric Intonation Events 'PaIntE' (1998): Project at AT&T Research Labs (see Möhler & Conkie 1998; Möhler to appear)

PSOLA module for CHATR & Detection of Creaky Voice in Speech Signals (1996): Projects at ATR-ITL Research Laboratories (see Möhler 1996a,b)

Theory-based intonation modeling for German speech synthesis (see Möhler 1998b)

Improvements of the PaIntE model for F0 parametrization. Research Papers from the Phonetics Lab, AIMS Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung (Draft version)

Möhler, Gregor and Mayer, Jörg (2001). A Discourse Model for Pitch-Range Control. 4th ISCA workshop on Speech Synthesis Perthshire, Scotland.

Batliner, Anton; Möbius, Bernd; Möhler, Gregor; Schweitzer, Antje and Nöth, Elmar (2001). Prosodic models, automatic speech understanding, and speech synthesis: towards the common ground. Proceedings of the European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology (Aalborg, Denmark) volume 4 pp. 2285-2288 ISCA.   Postscript 

Matthias Jilka, Gregor Möhler and Grzegorz Dogil (1999). Rules for the Generation of ToBI-based American English Intonation. Speech Communication 28, pp. 83 - 108.

Comparing two different principles of parametric F0 modeling. Proceedings of the Joint ASA/DAGA Meeting Berlin.

A Method for the analysis of prosodic registers. Proceedings of Eurospeech 1999, Budapest.

Gregor Möhler & Alistair Conkie (1998). Parametric modeling of intonation using vector quantization. Proceedings of 3rd ESCA Workshop on Speech Synthesis, Jenolan Caves, Australia. 

Ann Syrdal, Gregor Möhler, Kurt Dusterhoff, Alistair Conkie & Alan W. Black (1998). Three methods of intonation modeling. Proceedings of 3rd ESCA Workshop on Speech Synthesis, Jenolan Caves, Australia. 

Describing intonation with a parametric model. Proceedings of ICSLP98, Sydney. 

Grzegorz Dogil & Gregor Möhler (1998). Phonetic invariance and phonological stability: Lithuanian pitch accents. Proceedings of ICSLP98, Sydney. 

Theoriebasierte Modellierung der deutschen Intonation für die Sprachsynthese (Theory-based intonation modelling for German speech synthesis). Dissertation. University of Stuttgart. 

G. Dogil and J. Kuhn and J. Mayer and G. Möhler and S. Rapp (1997). Prosody and discourse structure: issues and experiments. Proceedings of the ESCA Workshop on Intonation: Theory, Models and Applications, Athens, Greece, pp.99-102. 

G. Bruce, G. Dogil, M. Filipsson, M. Jilka, B. Lastow, J. Mayer & G. Möhler (1996). Testing intonational models by computer simulation. Paper presented at the 5th Conference on Laboratory Phonology (LabPhon), Northwestern University, Evanston/Illinois, July 6-8 1996. 

PSOLA module for CHATR. Technical Report TR-IT-0170, ATR Interpreting Telecommunications Research Laboratories, Kyoto, Japan. (Abstract

Detection of Creaky Voice in Speech Signals. Technical Report TR-IT-0181, ATR Interpreting Telecommunications Research Laboratories, Kyoto, Japan, 1996. (Abstract

Gregor Möhler & Grzegorz Dogil (1995). Test Environment for the Two Level Model of Germanic Prominence. Proceedings EUROSPEECH Madrid, pp.1019-1022. (Abstract

Rule Based Generation of Fundamental Frequency Contours for German Utterances. Proceedings of the 2nd 'Speak!' Workshop , Darmstadt. (Abstract)

Entwicklung eines Dialogsystems mit VoiceXML (SS2001). Introduction to dialog systems and excercises using VoiceXML

Speech synthesis I (WS1998/99,WS1999/00): Introduction to speech synthesis: applications, text-to-speech, Klatt-synthesizer, Diphone concatenation.

(SS1998): From text to speech using the IMS German Festival text-to-speech synthesis program.

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