Heike Zinsmeister

Prof. Dr.
Heike Zinsmeister

Heike Zinsmeister
University of Hamburg
Department for German Language and Literature
Von-Melle-Park 6
20146 Hamburg

I was senior researcher in the CLARIN-D center Stuttgart from April 2012 to August 2013. The main aim of CLARIN-D is to create an infrastructure for language resources and language processing tools for researchers in the humanities and social science.

Since September 2013, I'm professor for linguistics of German / corpus linguistics at University of Hamburg. You'll get to my new homepage by follwing this link.


Will be added soon.

For the time being, see my German webpage.


 See my German webpage. Some of the courses are linked to slides and other teaching material.



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    (NOTE: this is a fixed version! --- by mistake, the study by Hedberg et al. 2007 is missing from the survey table in the workshop proceedings)

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