5 papers from IMS authors at ICPhS 2015

April 14, 2015; Katrin Schweitzer

Daniel Duran, Jagoda Bruni, Michael Walsh, Grzegorz Dogil: 
A Hybrid Model to Investigate Language Change

Jonathan Vais, Michael Walsh, Natalie Lewandowski:
Investigating Frequency of Occurrence Effects in L2 Speakers: Talent matters

Antje Schweitzer, Natalie Lewandowski, Daniel Duran, Grzegorz Dogil:
Attention, Please! Expanding the GECO Database

Niamh Kelly, Katrin Schweitzer:
Examining Lexical Tonal Contrast in Norwegian Using Intonation Modelling

Frank Kügler & DIMA-Team (including Antje Schweitzer and Katrin Schweitzer):
DIMA - Annotation Guidelines for German Intonation