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Michael Walsh

Telefon 0049 711 685-81382
Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung
Pfaffenwaldring 5b
70569 Stuttgart


My principal area of research is concerned with exemplar-theoretic accounts of language acquisition. The key idea behind Exemplar Theory is the notion that the acquisition of language is significantly facilitated by repeated exposure to concrete language input. As we are developing we store language input in memory, in rich detail, and our emergent linguistic ability is heavily influenced by how similar new language input is to language exemplars we have stored in mind, how frequently we are exposed to such input, and how recently too. Much of my work focuses on computational modelling, in particular the modelling of local grammatical knowledge. I am also interested in how Exemplar Theory can be applied to language technology, with a particular focus on statistical language modelling, and how intonation and the mental lexicon interact.


Seminar: Probabilistic models of language and cognition

This Masters level course includes introductory lectures on probability, Bayesian inference, and aspects of machine learning, which serve as a basis for seminar discussions concerning research papers focussing on the following areas: probabilistic phonology, exemplar theory, word acquisition, syntax acquisition, and connectionism.



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Michael Walsh
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