April 10, 2017

6 IMS papers at Interspeech 2017

6 Papers of IMS authors have been accepted at Interspeech 2017: 

  • Daniel Duran, Jagoda Bruni, Grzegorz Dogil, Justus Roux: "The Social Life of Setswana Ejectives"

  • Michael Neumann & Ngoc Thang Vu: "Attentive Convolutional Neural Network based Speech Emotion Recognition: A Study on the Impact of Input Features, Signal Length, and Acted Speech"

  • Antje Schweitzer, Natalie Lewandowski, Daniel Duran: "Social Attractiveness in Dialogs"

  • Katrin Schweitzer, Michael Walsh, Antje Schweitzer:  "To see or not to see: Interlocutor visibility and likeability influence convergence in intonation"

  • Sabrina Stehwien & Ngoc Thang Vu: "Prosodic Event Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks with Context Information"

  • Meg Zellers & Antje Schweitzer: "An investigation of pitch matching across adjacent turns in a corpus of spontaneous German"
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