July 6, 2020 / Karin Leonte

Exams during summer semester 2020 - specifics due to the corona pandemic

In-person exams, Webex exams, deregistration in case of possible infection

In person exams:

Before attending any in person exam, please fill out and sign the "Declaration of the lack of suspicion of an infection with the coronavirus“ and bring along the printed out declaration to the exam.

If, for reasons beyond their control, students are unable to take part in an exam that requires them to attend in person, they should consult their examiners as early as possible to find an alternative mode of examination (so-called accomodations).


Webex exams:

Before every Webex exam, please fill out our English version of the university's "Consent form“, cf. attachment below, sign it and send it to your examiner via mail.


Withdrawing from exams:

If you suspect a possible corona infection, you should withdraw from in person exams. Students can withdraw from an exam registration up to one day before the scheduled exam. Please use this form when doing so (all the details regarding your withdrawal are stated on the form itself):

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