May 17, 2019 / Erenay Dayanik

IMS papers accepted at ACL 2019

The following IMS papers have been accepted at ACL

- Enrica Troiano, Sebastian Padó, Roman Klinger : "Crowdsourcing and Validating Event-focused Emotion Corpora for German and English"

- Agnieszka Faleńska and Jonas Kuhn: "The (Non-)Utility of Structural Features in BiLSTM-based Dependency Parsers"

- Dominik Schlechtweg, Anna Hätty, Marco Del Tredici and Sabine Schulte im Walde: "A wind of Change: Detecting and Evaluating Lexical Semantic Change across Times and Domains"

- Haim Dubossarsky, Simon Hengchen, Nina Tahmasebi and Dominik Schlechtweg: "Time-Out: Temporal Referencing for Robust Modeling of Lexical Semantic Change"

- Sebastian Padó, Andre Blessing, Nico Blokker, Erenay Dayanik, Sebastian Haunss and Jonas Kuhn: "Who Sides With Whom? Towards Computational Construction of Discourse Networks for Political Debates."

- Daniel Ortega, Dirk Väth, Gianna Weber, Lindsey Vanderlyn, Maximilian Schmidt, Moritz Völkel, Zorica Karacevic and Ngoc Thang Vu: "ADVISER: A Dialog System Framework for Education & Research" (Demo)

 - Andre Blessing, Nico Blokker, Sebastian Haunss, Jonas Kuhn, Gabriella Lapesa and Sebastian Padó: "An Environment for the Relational Annotation of Political Debates" (Demo)

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