IMS will present a series of papers at EMNLP and CoNLL 2023

October 10, 2023

IMS is delighted to announce a series of news publications at EMNLP and CoNLL with IMS researchers and collaborators:

Proceedings of EMNLP. Singapore, 2023:

  • An Attribution Method for Siamese Encoders.
    Lucas Möller, Dmitry Nikolaev and Sebastian Padó.

  • Multilingual estimation of political-party positioning: From label aggregation to long-input Transformers.
    Dmitry Nikolaev, Tanise Ceron and Sebastian Padó.

  • To Split or Not to Split: Composing Compounds in Contextual Vector Spaces
    Chris Jenkins; Filip Miletic; Sabine Schulte im Walde.

  • Understanding Computational Models of Semantic Change: New Insights from the Speech Community.
    Filip Miletic, Anne Przewozny-Desriaux, Ludovic Tanguy.

Findings of EMNLP. Singapore, 2023:

  • Improving Cross-lingual Transfer through Subtree-aware Word Reordering.
    Ofir Arviv, Dmitry Nikolaev, Taelin Karidi, and Omri Abend.

  • Data Augmentation Techniques for Machine Translation of Code Switched Texts: A Comparative Study.
    Injy Hamed, Nizar Habash, Ngoc Thang Vu

Proceedings of the BlackboxNLP workshop. Singapore, 2023:

  • Investigating semantic subspaces of Transformer sentence embeddings through linear structural probing.
    Dmitry Nikolaev and Sebastian Padó.

Proceedings of the Big Picture Workshop: Crafting a Research Narrative, Singapore, 2023:

  • Bridging emotion role labeling and appraisal-based emotion analysis.
    Roman Klinger.

Proceedings of CoNLL. Singapore, 2023:

  • Investigating the Nature of Disagreements on Mid-Scale Ratings: A Case Study on the Abstractness-Concreteness Continuum.
    Urban Knuples, Diego Frassinelli, Sabine Schulte im Walde.

  • HNC: Leveraging Hard Negative Captions towards Models with Fine-Grained Visual-Linguistic Comprehension Capabilities.
    Esra Dönmez*, Pascal Tilli*, Hsiu-Yu Yang*, Ngoc Thang Vu and Carina Silberer.
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