April 22, 2020 /

New DFG Project FIBISS

New DFG-funded Project: „Automatic Fact Checking for Biomedical Information in Social Media and Scientific Literature (FIBISS)“

The German Research Council will fund a new project at the Institut für Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung on automatically checking biomedical claims in social media (among other sources). The team around principle investigator Roman Klinger will develop methods which recognize automatically that, for instance, a claim like „vaccines cause autism“ are likely false, because reliable scientific publications provide evidence that this is wrong. Methods on fact checking have been developed already in the past, but not been particularly applied for biomedicine, which is a particularly challenging domain. This topic is especially relevant these days, as questionable speculations about treatments for diseases like COVID19 are published with increasing frequency, for instance on Twitter or Facebook.

This picture showsRoman Klinger

Roman Klinger

Senior Lecturer (Akademischer Oberrat)

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