September 7, 2021 / Sebastian Pado

New IMS journal articles published

Three journal articles with IMS authorship have been published recently:

  • Distributional models of category concepts based on names of category members.
    Matthijs Westera, Abhijeet Gupta, Gemma Boleda and Sebastian Padó.
    Cognitive Science, 2021.
  • Determinants of Grader Agreement: An Analysis of Multiple Short Answer Corpora.
    Ulrike Padó and Sebastian Padó.
    Language Resources and Evaluation, 2021.
  • Grounding Semantic Transparency In Context: A Distributional Semantic Study on German Event Nominalizations.
    Rossella Varvara, Gabriella Lapesa and Sebastian Padó.
    Morphology, 2021.
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