Recent IMS journal article acceptances

August 31, 2022

Congratulations to the authors on the following journal acceptances:

  • Enrica Troiano, Aswathy Velutharambath, and Roman Klinger. From theories on styles to their transfer in text: Bridging the gap with a hierarchical survey. Natural Language Engineering, 2022.
  • Enrica Troiano, Laura Oberländer, and Roman Klinger. Dimensional modeling of emotions in text with appraisal theories: Corpus creation, annotation reliability, and prediction. Computational Linguistics, 2022
  • Dmitry Nikolaev. Robust co-occurrence networks of consonants and the Basic Consonant Inventory. Linguistic Typology, 2022
  • Erenay Dayanik, Thang Vu and Sebastian Padó. Bias Identification and Attribution in NLP Models with Regression and Effect Sizes. Northern European Journal of Language Technology, 8(1), 2022
  • Sabine Schulte im Walde, Diego Frassinelli. Distributional Measures of Semantic Abstraction. Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence: Language and Computation 4:796756, 2022. Special Issue on Perspectives for Natural Language Processing between AI, Linguistics and Cognitive Science, edited by Alessandro Lenci and Sebastian Padó.
  • Jennifer Sikos, Michael Roth and Sebastian Padó. Improving Multilingual Frame Identification by Estimating Frame Transferability. Linguistic Issues in Language Technology, 19, 2022
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