March 16, 2020 / IMS board of directors

Secretarial services from now on by appointment only

Announcement of the IMS board of directors of March 16, 2020 on changed secretarial services due to coronavirus

Dear employees, students and visitors of the IMS,

Due to the current situation of infection prevention, the Institute has largely converted the secretarial services to work from the home office. Therefore, secretarial services should no longer be requested without prior appointment. When you need to use a service please contact the responsible office by email. Wherever possible, we will try to run the workflow processes electronically. When necessary, a personal appointment can be arranged in advance.

Our current policy is to have one secretariat open for a few hours every day. However, it is important that these hours are not to be understood as general office hours, but they are meant for the work that can only be carried out on site and to hold pre-scheduled appointments that are unavoidable. We should all adapt our working habits accordingly.

We would like to ask everyone to stop using the institute address for private deliveries. If you use delivery services for official reasons, you should try using a tracking service and keep an eye on the delivery date yourself.

With the mentioned measures we should be able to maintain a reasonable operation and at the same time reduce people’s physical presence as much as possible.

Best regards,
    The Board of Directors of the IMS

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