3. Corpus example

The following listing shows the TIGER-XML representation of a small demo corpus. This corpus comprises two corpus graphs of the Wall Street Journal corpus of the PennTreebank. It makes use of edge labels and of secondary edges to represent coreference annotation. The TIGER-XML example file corpus.xml is also placed in the doc/examples/ subdirectory of your TIGERSearch installation.

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Figure: Sentence 1: Pierre Vinken, 61 years old, will join the board...

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Figure: Sentence 2: Rudolph Agnew, 55 years old and former chairman...

<corpus id="DEMO">

    <name>two sentences of Wall Street Journal corpus</name>
    <format>bracketing format</format>
    <feature name="word" domain="T"/>
    <feature name="pos" domain="T">
       <value name=","/>
       <value name="-NONE-"/>
       <value name="."/>
       <value name="CC"/>
       <value name="CD"/>
       <value name="DT"/>
       <value name="IN"/>
       <value name="JJ"/>
       <value name="MD"/>
       <value name="NN"/>
       <value name="NNP"/>
       <value name="NNS"/>
       <value name="VB"/>
       <value name="VBD"/>
       <value name="VBN"/>
    <feature name="cat" domain="NT">
       <value name="ADJP"/>
       <value name="NP"/>
       <value name="PP"/>
       <value name="S"/>
       <value name="UCP"/>
       <value name="VP"/>
       <value name="--">not bound</value>
       <value name="CLR"/>
       <value name="PRD"/>
       <value name="SBJ"/>
       <value name="TMP"/>
       <value name="*"/>


<s id="s1">
  <graph root="s1_500">
      <t id="s1_1" word="Pierre" pos="NNP"/>
      <t id="s1_2" word="Vinken" pos="NNP"/>
      <t id="s1_3" word="," pos=","/>
      <t id="s1_4" word="61" pos="CD"/>
      <t id="s1_5" word="years" pos="NNS"/>
      <t id="s1_6" word="old" pos="JJ"/>
      <t id="s1_7" word="," pos=","/>
      <t id="s1_8" word="will" pos="MD"/>
      <t id="s1_9" word="join" pos="VB"/>
      <t id="s1_10" word="the" pos="DT"/>
      <t id="s1_11" word="board" pos="NN"/>
      <t id="s1_12" word="as" pos="IN"/>
      <t id="s1_13" word="a" pos="DT"/>
      <t id="s1_14" word="nonexecutive" pos="JJ"/>
      <t id="s1_15" word="director" pos="NN"/>
      <t id="s1_16" word="Nov." pos="NNP"/>
      <t id="s1_17" word="29" pos="CD"/>
      <t id="s1_18" word="." pos="."/>
      <nt id="s1_502" cat="NP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_1"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_2"/>
      <nt id="s1_504" cat="NP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_4"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_5"/>
      <nt id="s1_503" cat="ADJP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_504"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_6"/>
      <nt id="s1_501" cat="NP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_502"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_3"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_503"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_7"/>
      <nt id="s1_507" cat="NP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_10"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_11"/>
      <nt id="s1_509" cat="NP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_13"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_14"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_15"/>
      <nt id="s1_508" cat="PP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_12"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_509"/>
      <nt id="s1_510" cat="NP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_16"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_17"/>
      <nt id="s1_506" cat="VP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_9"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_507"/>
        <edge label="CLR" idref="s1_508"/>
        <edge label="TMP" idref="s1_510"/>
      <nt id="s1_505" cat="VP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_8"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_506"/>
      <nt id="s1_500" cat="S">
        <edge label="SBJ" idref="s1_501"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_505"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s1_18"/>

<s id="s3">
  <graph root="s3_500">
      <t id="s3_1" word="Rudolph" pos="NNP"/>
      <t id="s3_2" word="Agnew" pos="NNP"/>
      <t id="s3_3" word="," pos=","/>
      <t id="s3_4" word="55" pos="CD"/>
      <t id="s3_5" word="years" pos="NNS"/>
      <t id="s3_6" word="old" pos="JJ"/>
      <t id="s3_7" word="and" pos="CC"/>
      <t id="s3_8" word="former" pos="JJ"/>
      <t id="s3_9" word="chairman" pos="NN"/>
      <t id="s3_10" word="of" pos="IN"/>
      <t id="s3_11" word="Consolidated" pos="NNP"/>
      <t id="s3_12" word="Gold" pos="NNP"/>
      <t id="s3_13" word="Fields" pos="NNP"/>
      <t id="s3_14" word="PLC" pos="NNP"/>
      <t id="s3_15" word="," pos=","/>
      <t id="s3_16" word="was" pos="VBD"/>
      <t id="s3_17" word="named" pos="VBN"/>
      <t id="s3_18" word="*" pos="-NONE-"/>
      <t id="s3_19" word="a" pos="DT"/>
      <t id="s3_20" word="nonexecutive" pos="JJ"/>
      <t id="s3_21" word="director" pos="NN"/>
      <t id="s3_22" word="of" pos="IN"/>
      <t id="s3_23" word="this" pos="DT"/>
      <t id="s3_24" word="British" pos="JJ"/>
      <t id="s3_25" word="industrial" pos="JJ"/>
      <t id="s3_26" word="conglomerate" pos="NN"/>
      <t id="s3_27" word="." pos="."/>
      <nt id="s3_502" cat="NP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_1"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_2"/>
      <nt id="s3_505" cat="NP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_4"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_5"/>
      <nt id="s3_504" cat="ADJP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_505"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_6"/>
      <nt id="s3_507" cat="NP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_8"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_9"/>
      <nt id="s3_509" cat="NP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_11"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_12"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_13"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_14"/>
      <nt id="s3_508" cat="PP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_10"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_509"/>
      <nt id="s3_506" cat="NP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_507"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_508"/>
      <nt id="s3_503" cat="UCP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_504"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_7"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_506"/>
      <nt id="s3_501" cat="NP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_502"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_3"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_503"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_15"/>
        <secedge label="*" idref="s3_18"/>
      <nt id="s3_513" cat="NP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_18"/>
      <nt id="s3_515" cat="NP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_19"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_20"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_21"/>
      <nt id="s3_517" cat="NP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_23"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_24"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_25"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_26"/>
      <nt id="s3_516" cat="PP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_22"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_517"/>
      <nt id="s3_514" cat="NP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_515"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_516"/>
      <nt id="s3_512" cat="S">
        <edge label="SBJ" idref="s3_513"/>
        <edge label="PRD" idref="s3_514"/>
      <nt id="s3_511" cat="VP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_17"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_512"/>
      <nt id="s3_510" cat="VP">
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_16"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_511"/>
      <nt id="s3_500" cat="S">
        <edge label="SBJ" idref="s3_501"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_510"/>
        <edge label="--" idref="s3_27"/>