Promotionsstelle (3 Jahre): Modellierung von Abstraktheit

8. November 2021 /

Im Forschungsprojekt "MUDCAT: MUltimodal Dimensions and Computational Applications of AbstracTness" ist eine Promotionsstelle für drei Jahre zu vergeben.

Prof. Dr. Sabine Schulte im Walde invites applications for a 3-year PhD position at the University of Stuttgart in the context of the research project "MUDCAT: MUltimodal Dimensions and Computational Applications of AbstracTness". The position is funded by the DFG (the German Research Foundation) and part of an ongoing collaboration with Jun.-Prof. Dr. Diego Frassinelli (University of Konstanz).


MUDCAT aims to develop, exploit and apply empirical dimensions of abstractness while paying attention to a token-based, sense-related perspective across word classes (nouns, verbs, adjectives), across modalities (text, associations, features, images) and across languages (English, German, Italian). In this vein, we will collect and automatically explore distributional and multimodal facets of abstractness in text, free word associations, feature-property generation and images. Class-based and cross-lingual clustering approaches will investigate semantic and language generalisations of the multimodal characteristics. Finally, we will apply the multimodal cross-lingual abstractness knowledge to figurative language identification and cross-lingual transfer and translation.


The successful candidate has a Master's degree in computational linguistics or computer science and has prior experience in lexical semantics and the interdisciplinary nature of the project. Furthermore, the candidate will provide strong programming skills, expertise in machine-learning approaches and is eager to work across languages and across text+image modalities.


The position is affiliated with the Institute for Natural Language Processing (IMS), a scientifically inspiring and at the same time socially pleasant environment for high-quality academic research and interdisciplinary collaborations.


The application deadline for the post is 30 November 2021. Applications should include a brief motivation letter with research interests and vision, a CV, a list of publications and teaching and supervision experience, and up to three names of references. Applications should be sent to Sabine Schulte im Walde by email. Interviews will be scheduled for mid-December.

The University of Stuttgart aims to achieve equal opportunities for men and women in university studies and science and to increase the number of women in academia. Therefore, women are particularly encouraged to apply. Applications of severely disabled candidates with equivalent qualifications will be given priority.

The starting date of the post is 1 March 2022, for a total of three years. Salary is according to 67% on the German scale TV-L 13.


For questions and applications please email to Prof. Sabine Schulte im Walde.

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