26. Februar 2017

4 IMS-Papiere bei NLDB 2017

IMS-Papiere bei der NLDB 2017

Bei der NLDB (International Conference on Natural Language & Information Systems) Konferenz sind vier Papiere von IMS-Autoren angenommen worden:

  • Matthias Hartung, Roman Klinger, Franziska Schmidtke, and Lars Vogel. Identification of right-wing extremist content in german twitter profiles
  • Mario Sänger, Ulf Leser, and Roman Klinger. Fine-grained opinion mining from mobile app reviews with word embedding features.
  • Roman Klinger. Does optical character recognition and caption generation improve emotion detection in microblog posts?
  • Hanna Kicherer, Marcel Dittrich, Lukas Grebe, Christian Scheible, and Roman Klinger. What you use, not what you do: Automatic classification of recipes.
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