18. Juni 2019 / Erenay Dayanik

IMS papers accepted at Interspeech and SPECOM

The following IMS papers have been accepted at Interspeech and SPECOM.

1. F. Bao, M. Neumann and N.T. Vu. "CycleGAN-based Emotion Style Transfer as Data Augmentation for Speech Emotion Recognition". Interspeech
2. P. Denisov and N.T. Vu. "End-to-End Multi-Speaker Speech Recognition using Speaker Embeddings and Transfer Learning". Interspeech.
3. S. Jenne and N.T. Vu. "Multimodal Articulation-Based Pronunciation Error Detection with Spectrogram and Acoustic Features". Interspeech.
4. K. Angerbauer, H. Adel and N.T. Vu. "Automatic Compression of Subtitles with Neural Networks and its Effect on User Experience". Interspeech.
5. I. Hamed, M. Zhu, M. Elmahdy, S. Abdennadher and N.T. Vu. "Code-switching Language Modeling With Bilingual Word Embeddings:  A Case Study for Egyptian Arabic-English". SPECOM.

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