22. September 2021 / Erenay Dayanik

IMS presents 3 papers at EMNLP

Following IMS papers have been accepted at EMNLP:

  • D. Schlechtweg, N. Tahmasebi, S. Hengchen, H. Dubossarsky, B. McGillivray. "DWUG: A large Resource of Diachronic Word Usage Graphs in Four Languages." (data)
  • O. Arviv, D. Nikolaev, T. Karidi, O. Abend "On the Relation between Syntactic Divergence and Zero-Shot Performance"
  • D. Väth, P. Tilli, N.T. Vu. "Beyond Accuracy: A Consolidated Tool for Visual Question Answering Benchmarking". (Systems Demonstration)

Papers at co-located events:

  • L. Vanderlyn, G. Weber, M. Neumann, S. Meyer, D. Väth and N.T. Vu. ""It seemed like an annoying woman'': On the Perception and Ethical Considerations of Affective Language in Text-Based Conversational Agents". In Proceedings of CoNLL, 2021.
  • K. Weitz, L. Vanderlyn, N.T. Vu and E. Andre. ""It's our fault!'': Insights Into Users' Understanding and Interaction With an Explanatory Collaborative Dialog System". In Proceedings of CoNLL, 2021.
  • S. Evert and G. Lapesa "FAST: a carefully sampled and cognitively motivated dataset for distributional semantic evaluation". In Proceedings of CoNLL, 2021.
  • H. Schuff, H.Y. Yang, H. Adel and N.T. Vu. "Does External Knowledge Help Explainable Natural Language Inference? Automatic Evaluation vs. Human Ratings". BlackboxNLP Workshop @ EMNLP, 2021
  • N. Falk*, I. Jundi*, E.M. Vecchi and G. Lapesa. "Predicting Moderation of Deliberative Arguments: Is Argument Quality the Key?" ArgMining Workshop @ EMNLP, 2021
  • J. Pagel and N. Reiter "DramaCoref: A Hybrid Coreference Resolution System for German Theater Plays" CRAC Workshop @ EMNLP, 2021
  • T. Anthonio and M. Roth "Resolving Implicit References in Instructional Texts" CODI Workshop @ EMNLP, 2021
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