IMS presents 8 papers at ACL 2023

4. Mai 2023

We're happy to announce that the following IMS papers have been accepted at ACL 2023:


  • Node Placement in Argument Maps: Modeling Unidirectional Relations in High & Low-Resource Scenarios
    Iman Jundi, Neele Falk, Eva Maria Vecchi and Gabriella Lapesa
  • StoryARG: a corpus of narratives and personal experiences in argumentative texts
    Neele Falk and Gabriella Lapesa
  • Ethical Considerations for Machine Translation of Indigenous Languages: Giving a Voice to the Speakers
    Manuel Mager, Elisabeth Albine Mager, Katharina Kann and Ngoc Thang Vu

Findings of ACL:

  • Neighboring Words Affect Human Interpretation of Saliency Explanations
    Alon Jacovi, Hendrik Schuff, Heike Adel, Ngoc Thang Vu, and Yoav Goldberg
  • Reinforced Active Learning for Low-Resource, Domain-Specific, Multi-Label Text Classification
    Lukas Wertz, Jasmina Bogojeska, Katsiaryna Mirylenka, Jonas Kuhn
  • Additive manifesto decomposition: A policy domain aware method for understanding party positioning
    Tanise Ceron, Dmitry Nikolaev, Sebastian Pado

Student Research Workshop:

  • Combining Tradition with Modernness: Exploring Event Representations in Vision-and-Language Models for Visual Goal–Step Inference
    Chong Shen, Carina Silberer
  • How-to Guides for Specific Audiences: A Corpus and Initial Findings
    Nicola Fanton, Agnieszka Falenska, Michael Roth

Demonstration Paper:

  • DIAGRAPH: An Open-Source Graphic Interface for Dialog Flow Design
    Dirk Väth, Lindsey Vanderlyn, Ngoc Thang Vu
  • Massively Multi-Lingual Event Understanding: Extraction, Visualization, and Search
    Chris Jenkins, Shantanu Agarwal, Joel Barry, Steven Fincke and Elizabeth Boschee

Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (SemEval):

  • SemEval-2023 Task 3: Is Less Really More? (Back-)Translation as Data Augmentation Strategies for Detecting Persuasion Techniques.
    Neele Falk*, Annerose Eichel*, Prisca Piccirilli*
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