Heike Adel

Heike Adel

Heike Adel
Phone +49 711 685-81356
Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung
Pfaffenwaldring 5 b
70569 Stuttgart

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Research interests:

  • Deep Learning (esp. Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks)
  • Multitask Training and Transfer Learning
  • Relation Extraction
  • Knowledge Base Population
  • Word Embeddings



SS 2019 (UZH)
Lecture: "Deep Learning in Computational Linguistics"

WS 2018/2019
Lecture: "Programming for Language Processing"
Lecture: "Deep Learning for Speech and Language Processing"

SS 2018
Seminar: "Deep Learning for Knowledge Bases" (Link: Ilias)

SS 2015 (LMU)
Exercises: "Applications of Computational Linguistics"

WS 2014/2015 (LMU)
Exercises: "Introduction to Computational Linguistics"

SS 2014 (LMU)
Exercises: "Information Retrieval"

Theses Supervision
I offer Bachelor and Master theses in the areas of information extraction and deep learning for NLP.
Please contact me via email if you are interested.

Supervised Theses

- Investigating the Effect of Different Input Representations on Relation Classification [BA]
- Investigating Different Levels of Joining Entity and Relation Classification [BA]
- Analyzing Different Strategies of Classifier Combination for Sentiment Analysis [MA]
- Exploring Simplified Subtitles to Support Spoken Language Understanding [MA]

2017 (LMU)
- Character-based Relation Classification for Slot Filling [MA]

2016 (LMU)
- Exploring Strategies for Multiclass Classification in the Context of a Slot Filling System [BA]
- Exploring Strategies to Combine the Results of Different Classifiers [BA]

2015 (LMU)
- Deep Learning Methods for the Extraction of Relations in Natural Language Text [MA]
- Slot Filling based on Open Relation Extraction [BA]
- Exploration of Linguistic Features for Relation Classification [BA]


- A. Kemos, H. Adel, H. Schütze, "Neural Semi-Markov Conditional Random Fields for Robust Character-Based Part-of-Speech Tagging", accepted to appear at NAACL 2019.
- R. McHardy, H. Adel and R. Klinger, "Adversarial Training for Satire Detection: Controlling for Confounding Variables", accepted to appear at NAACL 2019.
- H. Adel and H. Schütze, "Type-aware Convolutional Neural Networks for Slot Filling", accepted to appear in JAIR.

- H. Adel, L. Bostan, S. Papay, S. Padó and R. Klinger, "DeRE: A Task and Domain-Independent Slot Filling Framework for Declarative Relation Extraction", in EMNLP System Demonstrations 2018.
- H. Adel, "Deep Learning Methods for Knowledge Base Population", PhD thesis at LMU Munich. pdf link
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