Wen wurmt der Ohrwurm?
An Interdisciplinary, Cross-Lingual Perspective on the Role of Constituents in Multi-Word Expressions

Workshop at the Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society (DGfS) 2017
Saarbrücken, Germany
March 8-10, 2017







Workshop report in the Journal of Word Formation<\i>:

Check out a report about our workshop here.

Reference: Schäfer, Martin (2017). Conference report "Wen wurmt der Ohrwurm? An Interdisciplinary, Cross-Lingual Perspective on the Role of Constituents in Multi-Word Expressions" (Workshop at the 39th DGfS Annual Conference "Information und sprachliche Kodierung", Saarbrücken, 08.-10.03.2017). Journal of Word Formation, 1(2), 91-97.

Invited speakers:

Gary Libben,
Department of Applied Linguistics, Brock University

Marco Marelli,
Department of Experimental Psychology, Ghent University

Workshop program:
March 8, 2017 (Wednesday)
13.45-14.45 Gary Libben:
Morphological superposition and the nature of the mental lexicon
14.45-15.15 Stefanie Rößler, Thomas Weskott, Anke Holler:
N1-accessibility as a matter of compound processing
15.15-15.45 Serkan Uygun, Ayse Gürel:
Factors affecting the processing of compounds in the second language [slides]
16.30-17.00 Anna Hätty, Michael Dorna:
Exploring the impact of transparency and productivity of multiword term constituents on single-word term identification
17.00-17.30 Saskia E. Lensink, Harald Baayen:
Multi-word units in a discriminative framework [slides]
17.30-18.00 Melanie Bell, Martin Schäfer:
Semantic entropy measures and the semantic transparency of noun-noun compounds [slides]
March 9, 2017 (Thursday)
9.00-9.30 Giannina Iordachioaia, Lonneke van der Plas, Glorianna Jagfeld:
The role of the head in the interpretation of deverbal compounds [slides]
9.30-10.00 Inga Hennecke:
Semantic transparency and variation in nominal syntagmatic compounds in Romance languages [slides]
10.00-10.30 Melanie Bell:
Does constituent disambiguation facilitate compound interpretation? [slides]
11.15-11.45 Fabienne Cap:
Approximating compound compositionality based on word alignments [slides]
11.45-12.15 Marco S. G. Senaldi, Gianluca E. Lebani, Alessandro Lenci:
Exploring idiomaticity with distributional semantics and entropy [slides]
12.15-12.45 Corina Dima, Jianqiang Ma, Erhard Hinrichs:
Evaluating semantic composition of German compounds [slides]
13.45-14.45 Marco Marelli:
Understanding compound words: A new perspective from compositional systems in distributional semantics [slides]