Papers accepted at EACL 2024

January 29, 2024

We're delighted to announce that the following papers will be presented at EACL 2024 in Malta.

Proceedings of EACL 2024:

  • Approximate Attributions for Off-the-Shelf Siamese Transformers.
    Lucas Möller, Dmitry Nikolaev and Sebastian Padó
  • What makes medical claims (un)verifiable? Analyzing entity and relation properties for fact verification.
    Amelie Wührl, Yarik Menchaca Resendiz, Lara Grimminger, and Roman Klinger
  • Moderation in the Wild: Investigating User-Driven Moderation in Online Discussions.
    Neele Falk, Eva Maria Vecchi, Iman Jundi, and Gabriella Lapesa

Demo paper:

  • The DURel Annotation Tool: Human and Computational Measurement of Semantic Proximity, Sense Clusters and Semantic Change.
    Dominik Schlechtweg, Shafqat Mumtaz Virk, Pauline Sander, Emma Sköldberg, Lukas Theuer Linke, Tuo Zhang, Nina Tahmasebi, Jonas Kuhn, Sabine Schulte im Walde

CODI Workshop:

  • Actor Identification in Discourse: A Challenge for LLMs?
    Ana Barić, Sebastian Padó and Sean Papay

W-NUT Workshop:

  • Topic Bias in Emotion Classification.
    Maximilian Wegge and Roman Klinger.

LT-EDI Workshop:

  • A Diachronic Analysis of Gender-Neutral Language on wikiHow.
    Katharina Suhr, Michael Roth
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