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Departments and research groups of the IMS

Departments of the IMS

Foundations of Computational Linguistics (Prof. Dr. Jonas Kuhn)

Foundations of Computational Linguistics

Theoretical Computational Linguistics (Prof. Dr. Sebastian Padó)

Theoretical Computational Linguistics

Digital Phonetics (Prof. Dr. Ngoc Thang Vu)

Digital Phonetics

Junior Professorship Computational Linguistics (Jun.-Prof. Dr. Carina Silberer

  • Learning semantic models from text data using machine learning
  • Grounding language in vision by learning from multimodal data

Computational Linguistics

Emmy Noether Group Computational Models of Misunderstanding (Dr. Michael Roth)

Emmy Noether Group Computational Models of Misunderstanding (Dr. Michael Roth)

Computational Models of Misunderstanding

BMBF group E-DELIB (Dr. des. Gabriella Lapesa)

Powering up E-DELIBeration: towards AI-supported moderation (Dr. des. Gabriella Lapesa)

Powering up E-DELIBeration


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