Projects involving the IMS

Below you will find an overview of the current and past projects involving the IMS.

Projects of the IMS (sorted by start date)

Title Description
DANIS Project DANIS, since 01/2023
SemChangeMWE Computational Models of the Emergence and Diachronic Change of Multi-Word Expression Meanings
MUDCAT Multimodal Dimensions and Computational Applications of Abstractness
Change is Key! The project seeks to make computational linguistic methods for meaning change detection useful for research in the humanities and social sciences.
TextKlang Mixed-methods analysis of poetry in text and tone
CEAT Computational Event Evaluation based on Appraisal Theories for Emotion Analysis
FIBISS Automatische Faktenüberprüfung für Biomedizinische Informationen in Sozialen Medien und Wissenschaftlicher Literatur
Language-Knowledge Interaction An IBM AI Horizons Network Project between IMS Stuttgart and IBM Research Zurich
DistRoot From distributions to roots - Towards a linguistically grounded theory of the conceptual underpinnings of verb meaning
SAGT SAGT: Computational Structural Analysis of German-Turkish Code-Switching
MARDY Modelling Argumentation Dynamics in Political Discourse
SEAT Structured Multi-Domain Emotion Analysis from Text
Oceanic Exchanges (OcEx) Tracing Global Information Networks in Historical Newspaper Repositories, 1840-1914
QUOTE Comprehensive Modeling of Conversational Contributions in Prose Texts
QuaDramA Quantitative Drama Analytics
CRETA - Center for Reflected Text Analytics Center for Reflected Text Analytics
KABI Confidence Estimation for Biomedical Information Extraction
Debate Explorer Interactive Journalistic Investigation of Large Text Collections
RePlay-DH Provision of a tool for the Digital Humanities community. When handling research data, it should be possible to re-use the data as well as to reproduce changes ("Replay") without considerable additional effort
ePoetics Corpus building and visualization of German poetics (1770-1960) for „Algorithmic Criticism"
eIdentity Multipe collective identities in international debates regarding war and peace since the end of the Cold War. Language technology tools and methods for the analysis of multi-lingual text in the social sciences
Heisenberg SemRel Distributional Approaches to Semantic Relatedness
Kobalt-DaF A scientific network for corpus-based analysis of texts written by learners of German as a foreign language
CLARIN-D A web and centres-based research infrastructure for the social sciences and humanities
TT in MT Tree Transducers in Machine Translation
Prosodic Phrasing Prosodic Phrasing in Auditory and Visual Sentence Processing
Morphosyntax for SMT Models of Morphosyntax for Statistical Machine Translation
CRC 732 Collaborative Research Center 732 "Incremental Specification in Context"
Prosodic Phonological Categories Phonetic Perceptual Reference Space for Prosodic Phonological Categories
ISLE – International Standards for Language Engineering International Standards for Language Engineering
TIGER The TIGER Corpus (versions 2.1 and 2.2) consists of app. 900,000 tokens (50,000 sentences) of German newspaper text, taken from the Frankfurter Rundschau.
SFB 340 Special Research Program (Sonderforschungsbereich 340) "Linguistic Foundations for Computational Linguistics"
MATE Multilevel Annotation, Tools Engineering
Verbmobil Verbmobil was a long-term project for the development of a mobile translation system for the translation of spontaneous speech in face-to-face situations
ParGram Analysis and encoding of important and most generally occurring syntactic structures in German, and parallel analyses for crosslinguistic phenomena while developing German, English, Norvegian, and Japanese LFG-Grammars
ELSNET European Network in Speech and Natural Language Processing
IMS Corpus Workbench (CWB) A workbench for full-text retrieval from large textual resources (`corpora')
DECIDE Designing and Evaluating Extraction Tools for Collocations in Dictionaries and Corpora
Relator Defining a broad organizational framework for the creation, storage, dissemination and maintenance of language resources for both spoken and written language
EAGLES Expert Advisory Group on Linguistic Engineering Standards
Textual corpora and tools for their exploration Collected textual material for German, French and Italian, a representation for texts and markups, along with a query language and a corpus access system for linguistic exploration of the text material
WordGraph New approaches for the acquisition of lexical information from text corpora based on graph theory
DELIS Descriptive Lexical Specifications
DeKo: German morphology of derivation and composition Project to create a large resource for the automatic decomposition of complex German words into their components
Research Group Textcorpora and Lexicon A research group at IMS that were developing lexicons, corpora, and tools to work with them

Projects of the IMS (sorted by project name)


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