Tools at the IMS

An overview of tools available at the IMS

Below you will find an overview of the tools developed at the IMS.

Tools of the IMS

Title Description
LoPar - a parser for head-lexicalised PCFGs A parser for head-lexicalised PCFGs
Aligner – an Automatic Speech Segmentation System The Aligner is an automatic phoneme segmentation system which was developed by Dr. Stefan Rapp while working at IMS. Nowadays the Aligner supports German, English, French, and Italian, and is available from Dr. Stefan Rapp under GPL license
TreeTagger - a language independent part-of-speech tagger A tool for annotating text with part-of-speech and lemma information
LSC - a statistical clustering software for two-dimensional clusters A statistical clustering software for two-dimensional clusters
ADVISER - A Dialog System Framework Open source dialog system framework for education and research purposes
IMS-Speech IMS-Speech is a web based tool for German and English speech transcription aiming to facilitate research in various disciplines
CorefAnnotator An annotation tool for coreference
DeRE A novel framework for declarative specification and compilation of template-based information extraction
German NER (Riedl & Pado ACL 2018) An extension of the BiLSTM-based Named Entity Recognizer by Guillaume Genthial
Zubr A toolkit for building semantic parsing models, especially models for doing semantic parsing in technical domains (e.g., text2code translation)
ICARUS2: 2nd generation of the Interactive platform for Corpus Analysis and Research tools, University of Stuttgart ICARUS2 continues the tradition of the original ICARUS tool in providing advanced exploration and query functionality for corpus resources. At its core is the goal to unify query access to a wide range of very rich and diverse corpora
TreeAnno An annotation tool to annotate trees on top of texts
rCAT – Relational Character Analysis Tool Relational Character Analysis Tool
TAlib Tree Automata Library Tree Automata Library
TMV annotator Tool for automatic annotation of tense, mood and voice for English, French and German
Simple Compound Splitting for German Simple splitting method for German compounds which combines a basic frequency-based approach with a form-to-lemma mapping to approximate morphological operations
POS Tagger for Middle High German Texts The parameter file for TreeTagger has been created by training on a POS tagged version of the Mittelhochdeutsche Begriffsdatenbank
Semi-Markov Quotation Model QSample is a natural language processing tool for automatically detecting quotations in text
MOP Compound Splitter (MCS) This system is a compound splitter based on constituent normalization using Morphological Operation Patterns (MOPs)
HotCoref DE The German coreference system described in the LREC 2016 paper and in the ACL paper
MBOT Moses Translation System A statistical machine translation system based on multi bottom-up tree transducers
IMSTrans A transition-based dependency parser
Cross-lingual Compound Identification (XCID) A cross-lingual compound identification method based on cross-lingual evidence as given in parallel corpora
HOTCoref The IMS HOTCoref system is a data-driven coreference resolution system that models coreference within a document as a directed rooted tree
Tiger2Dep Tiger2Dep is a python program that converts the TiGer corpus to dependency format
SubCat-Extractor - Induction of Verb Subcategorisation from Dependency Parses A tool to obtain verb subcategorisation data from parsed German corpora
IMS German Festival speech synthesis German addition to the Festival speech synthesis system
DAGGER: A Toolkit for Automata on Directed Acyclic Graphs A Toolkit for Automata on Directed Acyclic Graphs
IMSCoref Coreference system build by Anders Björkelund and Richárd Farkas for the CoNLL 2012 Shared Task, and a modified version build for COLING 2012 paper Phrase-structures and Dependencies for End-to-End Coreference Resolution by Anders Björkelund and Jonas Kuhn
Lemma Correction Script Scripts for converting TreeTagger POS tags into MulText and correction of lemmas output by the RFTagger and the TreeTagger
VPF - a graphical viewer for parse trees and parse forests A graphical viewer for parse trees and parse forests
Mate Tools A toolkit of statistical NLP tools comprising a lemmatizer, part-of-speech tagger, morphological tagger, dependency parser and semantic role labeler
ICARUS: Interactive platform for Corpus Analysis and Research tools, University of Stuttgart ICARUS is a search and visualization tool that primarily targets dependency trees. It enables the user to search dependency treebanks given a variety of constraints, including searching for particular subtrees
B3 database The B3 database (B3DB) is a relational database to support corpus studies and computational linguistic project workflows
RFTagger A tool for the annotation of text with fine-grained part-of-speech tags
PAC - a statistical clustering software for multi-dimensional clusters A statistical clustering software for multi-dimensional clusters
SFST - a toolbox for the implementation of morphological analysers A toolbox for the implementation of morphological analysers
BitPar - a parser for highly ambiguous PCFGs BitPar is a parser for highly ambiguous probabilistic context-free grammars (such as treebank grammars)
SMOR - Stuttgart Morphological Analyzer SMOR ist a German finite-state morphology implemented by Helmut Schmid in the SFST programming language
TIGERSearch Software for exploring linguistically annotated texts
FSPar - a cascaded finite-state parser for German FSPar is a rule-based dependency parser
DURel Annotation Tool DURel is a semantic annotation tool for sentence pairs of a word.
IMSnPars Graph-based and transition-based neural dependency parsers

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