Project DeKo: German morphology of derivation and composition

Project to create a large resource for the automatic decomposition of complex German words into their components



Short description

The project aims at the creation of a linguistic resource for the analysis of complex words of the German language (both compounds and derived words). The project will develop a collection of word formation rules, lexicons and software tools for the analysis of complex words.

The results of the project will be integrated in the IMS Festival speech synthesis system (in the framework of the ``unit selection'' approach, as used, e.g. , in the SmartKom project). Furthermore, the project results will be tested in the framework of term extraction and lexicographic analysis on the basis of technical texts. The resources will be usable ``stand alone'', but also as components of different NLP applications.

Slides of a presentation of the deko project and a description of the architecture of the deko system can be found here.



Long description


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