Institute for Natural Language Processing

The Institute for Natural Language Processing (IMS) carries out teaching and research at the interface between language and computation, unifying the disciplines of linguistics and computer science.

IMS returns to partial presence

Since the winter semester 2021 / 22, the IMS building is open again during daytime.

In the summer semester 20222, the majority of courses takes place in presence again and the secretaries’ offices are open on a part time basis. Since the presence times are still reduced, we recommend to all visitors to look up the relevant hours on the web page in advance.

Students of the programs B.Sc. Computational Linguistics and M.Sc. Computational Linguistics can use their student IDs (ECUS) to access the building and the IMS computer pool outside the building's opening hours (hold student ID at card reader).

Computational linguistics -- the computational processing and analysis of human language -- is a broad interdiscplinary area of research and development. Our institute aims at bridging the gap between foundational research into language and the development of technologies for society. With 6 professors, over 50 scientists and 200 students in the study programs B.Sc. Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung and M.Sc. Computational Linguistics, IMS counts among the largest hubs of computational linguistics in Germany and Europe.


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