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Steps for the Preparation of a Bachlor's or Master's Thesis

In the following, we describe the procedure for writing a Bachelor's thesis in the course of studies BSc Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung and a Master's thesis in the course of studies MSc Computational Linguistics.

If there are differences between these theses, this will be indicated in the respective sections.

On the ILIAS page "Student Theses at IMS" you can inform yourself about possible topics.

Further topics and information can be found at the Chair TCL.

For the Bachelor's thesis you must attend a Projektseminar Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung, see module manual.

For the Master's thesis you must attend a research module, see module manual.

You must register your Bachelor's thesis and Master's thesis at the examination Office; this is possible at any time.
Register with registration form, see website of the examination office>
Please note: The theses has to be handed in 6 months after registration -- this will be verified at submission.
("Part time": actual processing time approx. 360 working hours)

  1. Confirmation of necessary number of ECTS at examination office
  2. Signature of examiner in field "confirmation of topic assignment"
    (signature of the head of the examination committee not necessary)
  3. Seal and photocopy for the IMS at the secretary (Barbara Schäfer; room 02.008)
  4. Confirmation of the registration at the examination office
  5. For the Master's thesis the examination office will register you for the "Research Module"
  • LaTeX minimal example to be used as template
    (by Antje Schweitzer and Nils Reiter, no warranty, feedback welcome!)
  • further useful resources and links for writing theses:
  • Only for the Bachelor's thesis:
    • According to PO 2009, the Bachelor's thesis can be written in German or English. If another language is chosen in consultation with the supervisor, the thesis must contain a summary in German as an appendix.
    • According to PO 2017, the Bachelor's thesis will be written in German. If another language is chosen in consultation with the supervisor, the thesis must contain a summary in German as an appendix.
  • Only for the Master's theis:
    • English.
    • If the examiner / supervisor agrees, you can choose a different language. In this case, you need to include an English abstract in the appendix.
  • titlepage has to contain:
    • name und address of the IMS
    • title of the thesis
    • name of author
    • examiners (2 examiners for Master's theses; 1 of the examiners is supervisor)
    • supervisor
    • date of beginning and end
  • All theses must include the following declaration (signed, stating location and date):

    Hiermit erkläre ich, dass ich die vorliegende Arbeit selbstständig verfasst habe und dabei keine andere als die angegebene Literatur verwendet habe. Alle Zitate und sinngemäßen Entlehnungen sind als solche unter genauer Angabe der Quelle gekennzeichnet. Die eingereichte Arbeit ist weder vollständig noch in wesentlichen Teilen Gegenstand eines anderen Prüfungsverfahrens gewesen. Sie ist weder vollständig noch in Teilen bereits veröffentlicht. Die beigefügte elektronische Version stimmt mit dem Druckexemplar überein.

  • Only for the Master's theis:
    An English version can be added:

    I declare that I have developed and written the enclosed thesis completely by myself and that I have not used sources or means without declaration in the text. Any thoughts from others or literal quotations are clearly marked. The thesis was not used in the same or in a similar version to achieve an academic grading or is being published elsewhere. The enclosed electronic version is identical to the printed versions.

Handing in the Bachelor's or Master's thesis in the secretary's office (Barbara Schäfer; room 02.008);
Handle it with signed submission form (without supervisor's signature; translation available on demand: student counselling)

  • Number of hard copies to be handed in:
    (identical casebound versions, adhesive if possible, all with titlepage and signed declaration - original signature, no scan or copy)
    1. 1 for each examiner (2 examiners for Master's theses; 1 of the examiners may be supervisor)
    2. 1 for the archive (via secretary)
    3. regarding costs for printing: spiral binding and grayscale printing on normal paper are absolutely sufficient (but please format graphics in a way that the gray shades are distinct enough to be interpreted, or print single pages in color).
  • In addition, a copy of the title page and an electronic version (CD only with thesis text in PDF and abstract in TXT format; please adhere it into one copy) must be handed in to the secretary.

The grade of the Bachelor's or Master's thesis will be entered in the C@MPUS by the examiner. In order to get your degree, you need to fill in the respecive request form in the examination office.


Since April 1st, 2016, the new dissertation regulations are valid.

PhD students with an admission before this date can still use the old regulations until March 31st, 2024.

See also

Dissertation regulations valid between October 1st, 2011 and March 31st, 2016

PhD students with an admission before this date could use the old regulations until September 30th, 2019.

Submitted theses

Finalised theses are available via the IMS bibliography.

Student Counselling


Student Counselling

Stefanie Anstein

Stefanie Anstein

study program manager BSc MSV & MSc CL; student advisor & contact person examination committee BSc MSV, MSc CL & MSc CS

Sabrina Jenne

Sabrina Jenne

Substitute study program manager & student advisor

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