Formal Logic and Philosophy of Language (Kamp)

Department Formal Logic and Philosophy of Language, chair holder Prof. Dr. Hans Kamp

Prof. Dr. Hans Kamp headed the former department of Formal Logic and Philosophy of Language at the IMS.

Fields of study

  • Logic
  • Mathematical logic: model theory, proof theory
  • Philosophical logic: intensional logic, quantifier theory
  • Logic for computer science: temporal logic, dynamic logic, feature logic
  • Semantics
  • Dynamic discourse logic
  • Logical semantics of lexical structures
  • Syntax/semantics interface
  • Formal pragmatics
  • Philosophy of language
  • Theory of reference
  • Communication and information

Academic staff

  • Rainer Bäuerle (Senior Lecturer)
  • Hans Kamp (Professor)

General Contact IMS

Pfaffenwaldring 5 b, 70569 Stuttgart


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