Team Foundations of Computational Linguistics

Employes and PhD students of the department Foundations of Computational Linguistics, Head Prof. Dr. Jonas Kuhn

Faculty Emeriti

  • Prof. Dr. h.c. Hans Kamp, PhD
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Rohrer

Former members

  • Apl. Prof. Dr. Rainer Bäuerle (retired)
  • Anders Björkelund
  • Dr. Bernd Bohnet (now at Google)
  • Dr. Fabienne Cap (now at Uppsala University)
  • PD Dr. Kurt Eberle
  • Wiltrud Kessler (now at MINT-Kolleg Baden Württemberg)
  • Fritz Kliche (now at University of Hildesheim)
  • Dr. Masood Ghayoomi (now at FU Berlin)
  • Andreas Madsack (now at aexea)
  • Dr. Cerstin Mahlow (now at IDS Mannheim)
  • Andreas Müller
  • Wolfgang Seeker (now at Retresco)
  • Jens Stegmann
  • Gregor Thiele (now at Porsche)
  • Dr. Sina Zarrieß (now at the University of Bielefeld)
  • Prof. Dr. Heike Zinsmeister (now at the University of Hamburg)

Student researchers

  • Zoltán Czesznak
  • Alisa Noha
  • Ilnar Salimzianov
  • Sarah Schopper
  • Olga Stroh
  • Moritz Völkel
  • Anastasia Vostrova
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