Janis Pagel

PhD Student
Institute for Natural Language Processing (IMS)
Foundations of Computational Linguistics


+49 711 685-81389


Pfaffenwaldring 5 b
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 00.009


I am a PhD student in the QuaDramA project. My focus is on adapting and implementing NLP tools for the Computational Literary Studies, in order to analyse dramatic texts. Furthermore, I work on coreference and information status annotations for dramatic text.

  1. 2019

    1. P. Dhar, J. Pagel, and L. van der Plas, “Measuring the compositionality of noun-noun compounds over time.,” in Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Computational Approaches to Historical Language Change 2019, Florence, Italy, 2019, pp. 234–239.
    2. B. Krautter and J. Pagel, “Klassifikation von Titelfiguren in deutschsprachigen Dramen und Evaluation am Beispiel von Lessings „Emilia Galotti“,” in Book of Abstracts of DHd, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 2019, pp. 160–164.
  2. 2018

    1. J. Pagel, N. Reiter, I. Rösiger, and S. Schulz, “A Unified Text Annotation Workflow for Diverse Goals,” in Proceedings of the Workshop for Annotation in Digital Humantities (annDH), Sofia, Bulgaria, 2018, pp. 31–36.
    2. J. Pagel and I. Rösiger, “Towards bridging resolution in German: Data analysis and rule-based experiments,” in Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Models of Reference, Anaphora, and Coreference (CRAC), New Orleans, LA, USA, 2018, pp. 50–60.
    3. N. Reiter, B. Krautter, J. Pagel, and M. Willand, “Detecting Protagonists in German Plays around 1800 as a Classification Task,” in Book of Abstracts of the European Association for Digital Humanities (EADH), Galway, Ireland, 2018.
    4. B. Krautter, J. Pagel, N. Reiter, and M. Willand, “Titelhelden und Protagonisten - Interpretierbare Figurenklassifikation in deutschsprachigen Dramen,” LitLab Pamphlets, vol. 7, 2018.
Winter Term 2019/2020:
Übung: Computerlinguistische Methoden für die Digital Humanities (together with Gabriella Lapesa)
Summer Term 2019:
Projektarbeit: Erkennung narrativer Anteile in Figurenrede (together with Nils Reiter)
since April 2018:
PhD student at the Institute for Natural Language Processing, University of Stuttgart, Germany
February to July 2017:
ERASMUS+ Semester Abroad, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2015 - 2018:
M.Sc. in Computational Linguistics, University of Stuttgart, Germany
2012 - 2015:
B.A. in Linguistics and German Studies, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

Key-ID: 1742C5D7

Fingerprint: 2AF4 BFAC 3E33 CF1D C83C CE65 B44F 20A6 1742 C5D7

Public key: 1742C5D7_pub.asc

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