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Filip Miletić


Institute for Natural Language Processing
Foundations of Computational Linguistics


Pfaffenwaldring 5 b
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 01.012


I am a postdoctoral researcher working on the SemChangeMWE project, headed by Prof. Dr. Sabine Schulte im Walde. I am broadly interested in socially grounded modeling of complex linguistic behaviors from naturally occurring data, with a focus on lexical semantics. Specific areas of interest include:

  • vector space models of lexical semantics
  • computational and variationist sociolinguistics
  • multiword expressions
  • varieties of English and language contact
  • resource creation and evaluation

Miletic, F., Schulte im Walde, S. (2023). A Systematic Search for Compound Semantics in Pretrained BERT Architectures. In Proceedings of the 17th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL), pages 1499–1512. [pdf]

Miletic, F., Przewozny-Desriaux, A., Tanguy, L. (2021). Detecting contact-induced semantic shifts: What can embedding-based methods do in practice? In Proceedings of the 2021 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP), pages 10852–10865. [pdf]

Miletic, F., Przewozny-Desriaux, A., Tanguy, L. (2020). Collecting tweets to investigate regional variation in Canadian English. In Proceedings of the 12th Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2020), pages 6255–6264. [pdf]



Miletic, F., Przewozny-Desriaux, A., Tanguy, L. (2021). The status and representation of contact-induced semantic shifts in Quebec English: From Twitter users to sociolinguistic informants. Poster presented at New Ways of Analyzing Variation 49 (NWAV 49), Austin, TX (online). [poster]

Miletic, F. (2021). Bridging across datasets and disciplines: The contribution of corpus phonology to the study of lexical semantic variation. Paper presented at PAC 2021 – Spoken English Varieties: Redefining and Representing Realities, Communities and Norms, Toulouse, France.

Miletic, F., Przewozny-Desriaux, A., Tanguy, L. (2021). Modeling fine-grained sociolinguistic variation: The promises and pitfalls of Twitter corpora and neural word embeddings. Paper presented at Corpus Pitfalls: Dealing with Messy Data (and Other Traps for the Unwary) (Workshop at ICAME42), Dortmund, Germany (online).

Miletic, F., Przewozny-Desriaux, A., Tanguy, L. (2020). Methodological issues in using word embeddings in a sociolinguistic perspective: The case of contact-induced semantic variation across Canadian Twitter corpora. Poster presented at Empirical Studies of Word Sense Divergences across Language Varieties (Workshop at DGfS 2020), Hamburg, Germany. [poster] 

Miletic, F. (2019). Contact-induced lexical variation in Quebec English: An accountable description. Poster presented at RJC2019 – 22èmes Rencontres des jeunes chercheurs en Sciences du Langage, Paris, France. [poster]

Miletic, F. (2017). Lexical features of Canadian English on Twitter. Poster presented at Canada in the Making: 150 Years of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, Rende, Italy.


Postdoctoral researcher
Institute for Natural Language Processing, University of Stuttgart

Project: Computational models of the emergence and diachronic change of multi-word expression meaning (SemChangeMWE)
PI: Prof. Dr. Sabine Schulte im Walde


PhD in Linguistics
CLLE, CNRS & Toulouse Jean Jaurès University (France)

Thesis: An investigation into contact-induced semantic shifts in Quebec English: Conciliating corpus-based vector models and variationist sociolinguistic inquiry
Advisors: Anne Przewozny-Desriaux & Ludovic Tanguy


MA in Modern Languages and Literatures for Cultural Services (English & French)
University of Genoa (Italy)

Thesis: Contact-induced lexical and morphosyntactic phenomena in Quebec English


Certificate in Humanities and Cultural Heritage
IANUA School for Advanced Studies, University of Genoa (Italy)


BA in Modern Languages and Cultures (English & French)
University of Genoa (Italy)

Thesis: Lexical and morphosyntactic features of Canadian English on Twitter

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