LabPhon 13 - The 13th Conference on Laboratory Phonology

July 27, 2012

LabPhon 13 - Phonological and phonetic computations: between grammar and neural activity

Time: July 27 – 29, 2012
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The goal of the LabPhon conferences is to bring together researchers from phonology, phonetics, and adjacent psycho- and neurosciences and to seek to advance these disciplines by encouraging the joint pursuit of interdisciplinary research questions. The IMS phonetics group is proud to have hosted the 13th conference of this renowned series. Specific topics of this LabPhon were the following:

  • Simulation as a research method in Laboratory Phonology.
  • Temporal mechanisms in neural processing of sounds and prosodies.
  • Rhythm and Temporal Structure.
  • Rich memory for rich phonology

For more information, please check the conference website!

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