IMS papers accepted at IWCS and NAACL

March 5, 2019 / Erenay Dayanik

The following IMS papers have been accepted at NAACL and  IWCS.


- Evgeny Kim and Roman Klinger : "Frowning Frodo, Wincing Leia, and a Seriously Great Friendship: Learning to classify emotional relationships of fictional characters"

- Robert McHardy, Heike Adel and Roman Klinger : "Adversarial Training for Satire Detection: Controlling for Confounding Variables"

- Manuel Mager, Özlem Çetinoğlu and Katharina Kann : "Subword-Level Language Identification for Intra-Word Code-Switching"


- Jennifer Sikos and Sebastian Padó : "Frame Identification as Categorization: Exemplars vs Protoypes in Embedding Land."

- Diego Frassinelli and Sabine Schulte Im Walde: "Distributional Interaction of Concreteness and Abstractness in Verb–Noun Subcategorisation"

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