Aligner -- an automatic speech segmentation system

Type Tool
Title Aligner -- an automatic speech segmentation system
Author Dr. Stefan Rapp


The Aligner is an automatic phoneme segmentation system which was developed by Dr. Stefan Rapp while working at IMS. Nowadays the Aligner supports German, English, French, and Italian, and is available from Dr. Stefan Rapp under GPL license.

With the help of speech recognition technology, it can detect the start and end times of words and phonemes within speech signals. It requires an orthographic transcription of what is spoken in the recording in order to do so.



Rapp, S. (1995). Automatic phonemic transcription and linguistic annotation from known text with Hidden Markov models--An aligner for German. In Proceedings of ELSNET Goes East and IMACS Workshop "Integration of Language and Speech in Academia and Industry" (Moscow, Russia).


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