To finish a module, i.e. to pass it, and to receive the credit points for it, the respective module examination(s) have to be passed. These examninations can take place during the semester, i.e. parallel to the courses, or at the end of the semester. Further information can be found in the Modul handbook of the actual semester. The registration for the examinations takes place electronically in a special time period which is announced at the beginning of the semester. Additionally to the module examinations the below mentioned examinations have to be passed. Further information can be found in the Examination regulations of the BSc MSV.

Orientierungsprüfung (orientation exam)

The Orientierungsprüfung has to be passed at latest at the beginning of the fourth semester. This examination should avoid that a student had decided for the wrong program and it should test the individual ability for scientific work.

The Orientierungsprüfung for the B.Sc. Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung consists of the two modules "Einführung in die Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung" and "Grundlagen der Maschinellen Sprachverarbeitung". So, when one has passed these modules, the Orientierungsprüfung is automatically passed as well.

Bachelorprüfung (Bachelor exam)

The Bachelorprüfung consists of the single module examinations and the Bachelor thesis. It is possible to list additional modules which were not part of the specific BSc program (so-called additional modules) in the Bachelor certificate. This, however, does not influence the BSc mark.

Bachelor thesis

Normally, the Bachelor thesis is written in the sixth semester. This thesis should show that the student is able to solve a task from the area of Natural Language Processing within a certain time by using scientific methods, and the he / she can present the respective results in an appropriate way. The Bachelor thesis has a value of 12 credit points. The thesis has to be registered by handing in the registration formular for the Bachelor thesis at the examinations office previous to the start of the thesis. The topic for the thesis can be handed out when the respective student has received at least 120 CP. After having registered for the Bachelor thesis at the examinations office the student has 6 months to complete and hand in his/her thesis.

Modul handbook

A detailled description of each module can be found in the module handbook of the program of study. As these handbook are updated on a regular basis, the actual version of the module handbook for the BSc Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung can be found here.