Changes and news in courses

Start of courses

  • Unless otherwise announced, all courses begin on the first scheduled day of the first week of lectures (starting Monday, October 16th 2017).
    Possible changes are recorded in the course catalog.

Additional Offer: MSc CL Coaching / Computer Skills for Computational Linguists

If you need expert advice on useful and efficient tools widely used by computational linguists -- there is a list of topics about which we can offer help:

  • LaTex
  • Java
  • R
  • Praat Scripting
  • SQL Basics
  • Linux basics / shell scripts
  • generally: Studying efficiently / Learning counselling

Other topics on demand.

Please contact the student A. Wachtler (available in the IMS Computer Lab according as announced on the lab door) to be directed to the right contact persons.

Tutorials and slides are also available in ILIAS.

Additional Offer: MSc CL Block Course "Fundamentals of Programming for Computational Linguists"

This course is offered in the week before the semester starts.

Bulletin at the IMS

Lecture times and lecture free days

  • There are no lectures on public holidays.
    During the summer semester 2017: , Friday April 14th 2017 (Good Friday), Monday April 17th 2017 (Easter Monday), Monday May 1st 2017 (Labour Day), Thursday May 25th 2017 (Ascension), Monday June 05th 2017 (Whit Monday), Thursday June 15th 2017 (Corpus Christi).
    During the winter semester 2017 / 2018: Tuesday October 31th 2017 (Reformation Day), Wednesday November 1st 2017 (All Hallows).
    During the summer semester 2018: , Friday March 31th 2018 (Good Friday), Monday April 2nd 2018 (Easter Monday), Tuesday May 1st 2018 (Labour Day), Thursday May 10th 2018 (Ascension), Monday May 21th 2018 (Whit Monday), Thursday May 31th 2018 (Corpus Christi).

  • Week after whitsun: No lectures take place from Monday June 16th 2017 to Saturday June 10th 2017.
    There are no lectures during the turn of the year, between Christmas and Epiphany. The final lecture before Christmas is Friday December 22th 2017. No lectures take place from December 23th 2017 until January 6th 2018. Lectures will resume on Monday January 8th 2018.
    Week after whitsun: No lectures take place from Monday May 22th 2018 to Saturday May 26th 2018.

  • Lectures during summer semester 2017 start on Monday April 10th 2017 and end on Saturday July 22th 2017.
    Lectures during winter semester 2017 / 2018 start on Monday October 16th 2017 and end on Saturday Februar 10th 2018.
    Lectures during summer semester 2018 start on Monday April 09th 2018 and end on Saturday July 21th 2018.
    Lectures during winter semester 2018 / 2019 start on Monday October 15th 2018 and end on Saturday Februar 9th 2019.
    Lectures during summer semester 2019 start on Monday April 8th 2019 and end on Saturday July 20th 2019.

  • Additional semester dates may be found on the general students pages.

Information for freshmen of the degree programs Maschinielle Sprachverarbeitung BSc and Computational Linguistics MSc

  • The orientation for freshmen of the degree program Maschinielle Sprachverarbeitung BSc is scheduled for the first day of lectures of the winter semester, in the year 2017 on Monday, October 16th 2017 from 10:30am to 11:30am in lecture hall V 5.02 (Campus Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Pfaffenwaldring 5b, ground floor).

    Before that, expected 9am - 10am, we recommend attending the central orientation event by the stuvus student union

  • (Dates not fixed yet, please check this page later again.) The orientation for students of the Master degree program Computational Linguistics is scheduled in the year 2017 for the winter semester on Monday, October 16th 2017 from 12am to 1pm in the lecture hall V 5.02.

    We strongly recommend that Bachelor freshman attend the math precourse!
    Attention: This course starts 4-5 weeks earlier than regular lectures in the winter semester (early to mid-September)!
    Please remember to sign up for the course on time!

    Additionally we recommend the Java precourse offered by the student council of the computing faculty.

  • The university library offers guidance and training for the use of the library and literature search.