February 12, 2019 / Heike Adel

IMS papers accepted at ICASSP, ESSV and ICPhS

The following papers by IMS researchers have been accepted at ICASSP, ESSV und ICPhS. Congratulations to the authors!

ICASSP (IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing)

- D. Ortega, C.Y Li, G. Vallejo, P. Denisov, N.T. Vu. "Context-aware Neural-based Dialog Act Classification On Automatically Generated Transcriptions".

- M.Neumann, N.T. Vu. "Improving Speech Emotion Recognition With Unsupervised Representation Learning On Unlabeled Speech".

ESSV (Conference on Electronic Speech Signal Processing)

- P. Denisov and N. T. Vu. "IMS-Speech: A Speech to Text Tool".

- C. Y. Li and N. T. Vu. "Investigation of Densely Connected Convolutional Networks with Domain Adversarial Learning for Noise Robust Speech Recognition".

- S. Stehwien, A. Schweitzer and N. T. Vu. "Convolutional Neural Networks Can Learn Duration for Detecting Pitch Accents and Lexical Stress".

ICPhS (International Congress of Phonetic Sciences)

- S. Jenne, A. Schweitzer, S. Zerbian, N. T. Vu. "Phonological Error Detection for Pronunciation Training Using Neural Spectrogram Recognition".

- A. Schweitzer, W. Wokurek, P. M. Pützer. "Convergence of Harmonic Voice Quality Parameters in Spontaneous Dialogues".

- F. Kügler, S. Baumann, B. Andreeva, B. Braun, M. Grice, J. Neitsch, O. Niebuhr, J. Peters, C. Roehr, A. Schweitzer, P. Wagner. "Annotation of German Intonation: DIMA compared with other annotation systems".

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