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Speech synthesis page of the former Experimental Phonetics group

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TTS demo

We provide a demo where you can synthesize any given text online. The demo provides diphone synthesis with synthesis modules developed at IMS. Not all of these are contained in our open source version; some modules in the open source version are simpler than these, so the synthesis results from the open source version may sound different from what you get from the open source version.


Project description

The speech synthesis activities at the IMS (Experimental Phonetics) concentrates on various linguistic and application oriented aspects of speech synthesis. Our goal is to achieve naturally sounding and linguistically motivated speech synthesis.
The speech synthesis system developed at the IMS is the IMSGermanFestival system (download IMS German Festival). It is based on the original Festival speech synthesis framework developed at CSTR, University of Edinburgh. The current voice of our system uses diphones taken from the MBROLA project.



You can download a version of our German Festival synthesis system.


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