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Phrasing is handled by Phrasify_German if the parameter ``Phrasify_Method`` is set to ``Phrasify_German``.

Phrasify_German first checks if there are pre-specified tones on any of the words in the utterance (i.e. if any of the words has a feature ``tone`` specifying a boundary tone). In this case, we assume that we want to assign breaks exclusively where they have been specified. Therefore, phrase_cart_tree (which will later be used for prediction of breaks, as ``Phrase_Method`` is ``cart_tree`` for all German voices presently defined) is reset to german_phrase_cart_tree_from_tobi.

Otherwise, the default german_phrase_cart_tree as defined in ims_german_phrasify will be used to predict phrasing, unless it is reset (in ims_german_voices) to some more elaborate tree.

Martin Barbisch
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