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The overall assessment for the MSc comprises

  1. the module exams,
  2. the Master’s thesis,

weighted according to the regulations in the examination statutes (old regulations, PO 2011: see page 14 of the official document; new regulations, PO 2017: see page 17 of the official document; in German -- please contact the student advisor with any questions).

Module exams

In general there is one exam for each module. Modules may require written or oral exams (Prüfungsleistung: PL), graded courses assessments (BSL), ungraded courses assessments (USL) or graded course accompanying exams (LBP). For details please see the module handbook of the current semester. Students have to register for all module exams (and also for all repetition exams, if necessary; to be done at the next possible date in PO 2011 and within 2 semesters in PO 2017) during the official registration period (usually some weeks after the beginning of the semester) via the C@MPUS portal.

Module table

In the Computational Linguistics Master Program at IMS, the assignment of courses to modules is relatively flexible, particularly in case of the Concentrations (PO 2011) or larger Electives modules. To ensure that no course is used for more than one module, students are required to keep track of the modules they have completed and the courses they used for these modules in a table. This table is referred to as the module table in the following. Students have to regularly upload their current module table (incrementally; keep the electronic copy saved, then you can just add more to it in the following semester). A template for the module table is provided by the IMS (further instructions inside the document):

PO 2011: OpenOffice / Excel / PDF
PO 2017: OpenOffice / Excel / PDF

Example of a filled out module table: PDF

Students are required to hand in (via ILIAS) a signed and scanned copy of the module table showing the entire list of courses and modules passed and registered up to that point, until the end of the exam registration period, otherwise no grades can be entered into C@MPUS. Reminder emails will be sent to the students' IMS email accounts.

The examiners will check

  • that no class has already been used for another module, and
  • whether any prerequisites ("Vorleistungen") required by the specific choice of class(es) have been fulfilled.

All copies of the module tables handed in will be stored at the IMS. The IMS will compare the different versions of the module table handed in by a student if need be.

Important: Keeping the module table does not replace the usual registration process for exams. Students can only take exams if they have properly registered during the official registration period.

Master's Thesis

The Master’s thesis is worth 30 credits and is usually written in the fourth term. In the Master's Thesis, students demonstrate their ability to work independently on a topic in Computational Linguistics and address a specific research question in a fixed period of time. They are expected to adhere to scientific standards and present the results adequately. An MSc in Computational Linguistics shows that the student has acquired the ability to work independently on scientific problems, to understand current theories and methods, and apply them in an informed way in complex situations, using the relevant background previously acquired in the course of the degree program.

Examination statutes (Prüfungsordnung)

The official Examination statutes (Prüfungsordnung) in German can be found here.
Further information in English is provided by the examination office here.
Please contact the student advisor with any questions.

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