European Masters in Language and Speech

Attention: The program EMA-LST was closed on 30/10/2011. The University of Utrecht who coordinated this program could not continue it. Additionally the program had to be widely revised. Since 1/11/2011 no EMA certificates can be handed out. We very much regret this.

About the European Masters in Language and Speech

The program "European Masters in Language and Speech" (EMA) was an additional qualification for the diploma program Computational Linguistics of the Institute for Natural Language Processing (IMS). EMA was no Mater program like MA or MSc. EMA was documented by a certificate. To receive this certificate it was necessary to have the degree Computational Linguist and additionlly to verify sucessful participation in several courses of the IMS or any patner university of the EMA program.

The certificate was signed by the respective president of the  externer Link European Chapter of Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL) and of the externer Link International Speech Communication Association (ISCA). The examination board of the IMS was also responsible for EMA examinations.

The EMA program should provide an orientation for the selection of specifics subjects and should provide basic skills in one of the following sub parts of Computational Linguistics:

  • Theoretical Linguistics
  • Phonetics and Phonology
  • Cognitive Models for Speech and Language Processing
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Speech Signal Processing
  • Statistical Pattern Recognition
  • Language Engineering Applications

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