Remote Query Evaluation Facility

You may enter a corpus query here, which is then evaluated on a 2 million word subcorpus of the Penn Treebank, (c) 1992 University of Pennsylvania, distributed by the Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC). The corpus is part-of-speech tagged, so you may use the attribute pos in your queries (there is a brief overview of the query syntax available, but you may have a look at some examples just now). The corpus is tagged with the Penn Treebank Tagset. Sentence boundaries are provided via the structural attribute s.

  • Don't forget the semicolon at the end of the query! It will not be added automatically!
  • Don't forget to include words in double quotes!
  • Case matters!
  • Blanks within double quotes are significant -- they usually lead to ``empty'' results!
  • The query processor runs on a very slow machine, so it may take some time until the result is computed. Network traffic also may increase response time.
  • Each concordance line is preceded by a number, indicating the corpus position where the match starts (rather uninteresting for you, I guess).
  • Direct any questions, problems, bug reports etc. together with the query which led to your problem to Thanks!

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