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xkwic FAQ

Xkwic sometimes issues some strange ScrollBar warnings on the shell

If you get messages such as

Warning: Name: kwicw_vscrollbar Class: XmScrollBar The specifiedscrollbar value is greater than the maximum scrollbar value minus the scrollbar slider size.
just forget them :-). They don't do any harm.

I'd like to have colours in the concordance

Well, I only have a greyscale monitor in front of me, which is probably the reason why I didn't hack in colours yet. Another reason is that colours are a bit clumsy in Motif 1.2 (which is the Motif version which was used to program Xkwic's interface), as soon as we have Motif 2.0, I will have a look at it.

Why can't I cut-&-paste from Xkwic's concordance window?

This is not very easy (and too much work for me alone) to hack into Xkwic on the Motif release we are currently using. It's an immense lot of work (although it seems to be so easy). If you want to see how much work it is, have a look at Mosaic's HTML widget sources. It's quite easy in Motif 2.0, I hope, and I will have a look at this problem as soon as we upgrade.

I'd like to have the match highlighted in the Extended Context window.

Sorry, but again due to the Motif release we are currently using, this is too much work for me at the moment.


The use of collocates is described in the Xkwic Users' Manual.

Frequency distributions

Frequency distributions can be displayeed under Xkwic - see the Xkwic Users Manual.

Environment variables

For the cqp environment variables used under xkwic, see The CQP User's Manual.

Application defaults

Foreground and background colours

In xkwic, foreground and background color values can be set. The applicable values for colors depend on your X-Windows settings.


Xkwic allows you to change the font settings for text fields and concordance lines.

Known bugs

When *keyboardFocusPolicy is set to pointer in the ~/.Xdefaults or .Xresources file or in Xkwic's application defaults file (Xkwic[.ad]), it is no longer possible to enter characters into the search space/query input fields after a menu item has been selected. Either do not include this statement in your ~/.Xdefaults or set the focus policy for Xkwic explicitly:
Xkwic*keyboardFocusPolicy:      explicit
in either the users' .Xdefaults or in Xkwic[.ad].
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